• 24 Hour Emergency call out- We provide a quick and efficient service to help solve your dilemma.
  • Non-destructive entry to your vehicle- Non-destructive entry to your vehicle Spare Keys  We can gain entry to your car without causing damage to the vehicle.
  • New / Replacement Remotes- New / Replacement Remotes Repair of Locks for certain vehicles  Even if you have lost your keys, we can cut and programme new keys for you, at the roadside or at a time and place to suit you.
  • Re-programmed Remotes- If your keys have stopped working, we can re-programme them for you.
  • Remote Repair- We can repair keys in an emergency situation or at a time and place to suit you.
  • Snapped Keys- We remove the We remove the  snapped key blade from the lock and cut a new blade  to the original lock.
  • Spare Keys- We offer a full key cutting and programming service at your convenience.
  • Repair of Locks for certain vehicles- If the lock will not turn or turns without opening the door, we are able to take the lock apart and repair/replace damaged parts.
  • Fault Finding e.g. Immobiliser fixed- We use the latest We use the latest  diagnostic tools, to detect non-start faults, to  ensure it is not key/remote fault.
  • We can also provide non-destructive house entry- We can provide access to your home without causing damage to the building.



Standard Key

Key used to open the door manually, programmed to start the vehicle immobiliser

Remote Key

Key that will open the door by pressing buttons on the key fob, programmed to central locking and immobiliser

Key Card

Used on Renault vehicle, either press button or hands free

Hands Free

Used by certain vehicles to open the door without use of key blade or remote. Also allows vehicle to start